Friday, August 08, 2014

Round The Walls

The Good Lady Wife went to York yesterday to meet her cousin and lay siege to the shops. I travelled with her, but rather than the shops, I lay siege to the old city walls. A complete circumference is just over two miles - but it felt much longer. Here are a few of the photographs I took.

York Minster and Lendal Bridge
River Ouse From Skeldergate Bridge, York
Clifford's Tower, York
Churchyard, St Denys Church, Walmgate, York
Self Portrait With Walls And Office Building, York


  1. Great shots, Alan. Thanks for the tour.

  2. A nice variety of pictures of this highly photogenic place, Alan!

  3. My husband was stationed in York during national service many years ago. He loves it. I have only made one or two forays into the city. Not enough to retain much. So much to see in this world, and Yorkshire and York should have been on my bucket list. Unfortunately trips back to the UK too often were spent visiting relatives. So much so that we even considered going incognito. I especially like your blog because it portrays so many things that I missed while living there. Living sometimes gets in the way of life

  4. What a terrific mix. Love the self portrait.

  5. Picture perfect. Postcard perfect.
    And the self-portrait is special in its uniqueness and creativity. Nice!

  6. Thanks for the tour! So there is a York Minster...and that round! I am so glad you didn't go shopping:)

  7. Great shots. And a tour of the city walls in York is certainly a good alternative to retail therapy! Stroll along wall therapy.


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