Friday, July 14, 2017

A Cloth-Cap Day

For want of something better to do, I am gathering together a small collection of my old black and white photographs for a slim, self-published volume. Those who manage to annoy me over the next month or two will be presented with a copy for Christmas - so be careful. This is the first page -

THE BEACH AT SKEGNESS (1980) : The children brave the water; that's what children always do. Those with more experience of life, more knowledge of how the North Sea can siphon-up the chill of winter; they keep their hands firmly in their pockets. It's a cloth-cap outing, it's wool-jacket weather, it's a hands-in-pockets day.


  1. Hmmmm... Looks like I need to start on a campaign of annoyance.

  2. Sounds like a noteworthy project!

  3. One of the children in the sea looks to be wearing a vest... But that can't be right because there's a woman in a white frock, I think. Not a seaside day. 1973?

  4. I really like the contrasts in this shot plus that beautiful subtle sly. We have all been there next to a cold lake and glad we don't have to go in anymore.



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