Monday, July 24, 2017

Skipping Around Gipping


If you look at the full print, there is just one clue as to where this photograph was taken - the word "Gipping" near the top of the terraced house. Gipping is a small village in Suffolk with a population of less than 100. I have taken a wander around the lanes and roads of the village - courtesy of Google Street View - and I can see nothing resembling our little brick terraced house. 

Looking carefully at the family, I don't think they are agricultural labourers - which they probably would be if they lived in Gipping, Suffolk. This suggests that Gipping is the first part of a street designation - Gipping Lane, Gipping Terrace, or the like - and is nothing to do with the Suffolk village.

I live on Dorchester Road which is nowhere near Dorchester. Just around the corner is Cumberland Avenue which had never been within sausage-swinging distance of Cumberland. So it could be that Gipping Terrace has never been within a skipping rope of Gipping.


  1. Interesting that my grandfather (best friend of Mike GC) was born in 1888 or 6 I forget, and he wore exactly the same clothes as the smaller boy. But his boots were noticeably smarter even in tiny b/w photos. Probably polished by Nanny. Or some other servant. Unfortunately as the youngest of 5 there was not a lot of money associated with his expensive boots by the time he grew up. Mummy used to say great granny spent all her money on linen sheets and hats!
    Is that pronounced ghipping or jipping?

  2. I don't live so close to there either. I like both of the photos and the brick is an interesting hand made kind of material.


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