Saturday, July 29, 2017

A Story Yet To Be Written


This is a scan of a negative from a small batch I bought the other day. All the other negatives in the lot feature rather grand ladies at tea in country houses and hotels. This one seems to feature a little old man at the door of a large old barn. There is a story behind it. It's just not been written yet.


  1. Standing around in the doorway of a barn. The suit probably is everyday attire but I bet he isn't out there to slop the hogs. The stairs is a work of art made from the salvaged rock of the field. I am sure the builder was very proud of the landing with a side start.

  2. An old man, and a barn that's been repaired through several generations...the foundation and porch and steps have different levels of construction...I would imagine there's a cellar down there too. But oh, the door has lost its trim for sure. Nice to see the downspout and a relatively intact roof...yes, a barn that's been given great care through the years.

  3. I just love this shot for some reason... especially that crooked doorway!

  4. The angles in this photo are interesting. The horizontal boards seem to run exactly perpendicular to the edge of the roof but the doorway seems to have been pushed to the right, though the boards on either side still align with the edges of the doorway. And that little old man ... he seems to be tipping in the same direction as the doorway.

  5. Anonymous12:23 PM

    An old man, and a barn that's been repaired through several generations.



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