Monday, March 05, 2018

An Effigy Of The Petrol Age

I am not sure at what point an old, faded photograph becomes something more; or if, indeed, it ever does. This is an old, faded image of I know not who. Three women stand in front of a sedan: relaxed, somewhat stately. The man is in front of a different kind of beast: raw, sporty, full of pent-up energy. Nothing is clear, nothing is sharp. It is a twentieth century icon, an effigy of the petrol age.


  1. I've noticed in my own family photo collection that there is a running genre of "people posed in front of automobiles" for every decade. It was a habit to record visitors on film and was generally taken on their departure since few people meet guests at their door with a camera. I don't think there is an equivalent genre for when people traveled on trains, ships, or horse carts.

  2. I posted a photo of Grandpa (well known to Jane and Katie) in his car on Instagram. It’s a wonderful car but I have no idea what sort of car it was. Very smart though.


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