Friday, March 23, 2018

Harry's Cousin With A Smile (Sepia Saturday 411)

Our Sepia Saturday theme image this week features a magnificent photograph of Florence Timms on her wedding day in 1928. I know nothing of Florence other than that she was the niece of the Vancouver printer and photographer Philip Timms (1874-1973).

I know even less about my match image other than it was taken in Bradford and it features a distant relative. Like Miss Timms, however, she clings on to her bouquet as though it was a lifebelt and she occupies the same historical corridor - somewhere between the first and second world war.

I have two copies of the photograph, but the only clue I have about the identity is that pencilled on the reverse of one of the copies is the information "Harry's cousin". Whoever she is, she looks happy enough: which is more than can be said for Miss Timms. As far as she is concerned, she has not been remembered for being a happy bride, but she surely will be remembered as being the subject of a stunning photograph.

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  1. Some author like Angela Thirkell should have written a novel titled Miss Timms. Those photos are delightful.

  2. Harry's cousin looks like an archetypal British woman of the second world war. I like her.

  3. That does not look like a wedding dress although brides wore a variety of dresses to get married in. Still it is a lovely dress.

    1. I do like this dress. It looks more modern, yet elegant.

  4. Her hat worries me. Without the veil it smacks of long defunct airlines stewardess hats. Back in the ancient days when we had stewardesses and actresses and the like. It seems like an everyday hat, not a bridal chapeau. The dress fabric looks lovely and I do like the minimalist bouquet. Best of all she looks happy and confident.

  5. It's a fine portrait that in earlier times would have taken an artist several days, if not weeks, to paint. She would be another good choice to colo(u)rize too.

  6. Absolutely adore your match photo. The bride looks fearless and forward-looking, proudly wearing her glasses rather than squinting. And I love the pattern on her dress and the minimalist bouquet. An inspiring, no-nonsense bride!

  7. I would venture to guess that Harry's cousin spent her wedding funds on the dress, and then could only get the barest carnation and fuzzy fern bouquet at the last minute. It could be called minimalist as other commenters have said, but dare I say it was puny?

  8. The dress is fairly fancy and obviously a very light color - most probably ivory and she has matching shoes. I think the bouquet is lovely - different which makes it interesting. As for no veil, veils got shorter-to-non existent during war times as the fabric for them was hard to come by and therefore, rather expensive.


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