Saturday, March 20, 2021

This Could Well Have Been Bournemouth.


This week's Sepia Saturday theme image shows a bit of a crowd at a football match. My best match is a bit of a crowd at the seaside - and amongst that crowd are my Auntie Annie and Uncle Harry.

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I am not sure which seaside this photograph from the 1930s was taken at. If it was any other member of my family I would say Bridlington, Scarborough , Blackpool, or - if they were being adventurous - Skegness. This, however, is Auntie Annie (left) and Uncle Harry (second from left), and they led a far more glamorous lifestyle. Harry had flirted with the performing arts, settled to become a clerical worker, and together with Annie, bought the first semi-detached house the family had ever seen and spent their money on leather settees and decorative ornaments. This could well have been Bournemouth. Enough said!


  1. Such joy amongst the friends.

  2. On the subject of Auntie Annie's and Uncle Harry's furniture in their Carr Bottom Road (?) semi. I am currently restoring a faux leather pouffe decorated with a harlequin design that dates from their leather settee period. I'm sure you'll recollect sitting on it long ago.

    1. Oh I remember it well, indeed I can picture it it my mind's eye right now.

  3. Quite a nice seaside photo. Looks like a fun day!


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