Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Ticket To Ride


Uncle Frank collected bus tickets. That's not all; he also collected tape recordings of tv adverts from the 1950s, cigarette cards, and the occasional stamp. It was a relatively harmless pastime and nothing like as disruptive to the family as, say, Auntie Amy, who collected husbands. I still have some of his old bus tickets and they are true works of art. The look, the colour, the very feel of them can transport you through time with the same effectiveness as the buses could transport you into town.


  1. It does say clearly, "Retain This Ticket." You never know if a transport officer might demand that you show it for inspection.

  2. I feel cheated that Auntie Amy got the better of me on this one. Surely my disruptive collection of wives deserve mention.


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