Friday, February 11, 2011

Welcome Back To Blogging Roger

According to Wikipedia the term "Blog" was first coined in 1999 by combining the words "Web" and "Log". A few on-line diaries and journals existed before that time, but, in the absence of dedicated blogging software, they were time-consuming to update and almost impossible to interact with. I know because in 1998 and 1999 I was helping my brother Roger establish a web-based diary of his day-to-day work as an artist and sculptor and this became a four-year project known as "Sculptor's Diary" (a few extracts of which can still be found on his website).

Blogging has become a lot easier in the twelve years since he launched his first "Blog" and I am pleased to report that he has, at long last, launched a new Blog which describes the day-to-day work of a painter and sculptor living on the beautiful Caribbean island of Dominica. In addition to charting his work as an artist, the blog - Roger Burnett's Sculpture Studio - will also follow the work of his wife Denise in her two and a half acre tropical garden. 

Welcome back to blogging, Roger.


  1. I'm intrigued as to why Roger's wife is referred to as his first wife in his website intro, as there does not appear to be a migration to a second wife - or is it an affectation?

    My ex father-in-law always referred to his wife as his first wife. There was no other wife.

  2. The Burnett Boys, brimming with talent. Thanks for the introduction, Alan. I'll be following with interest.

    For once, Wikipedia is right. This is exactly how the term 'Blog' was coined. Although, during my postgraduate studies, they were still referred to as weblogs. Our Prof was a stickler for that. Now he has his own blog, I wonder if he thinks of himself as a weblogger?

  3. nice. very interested in art so off to check it out...thanks alan

  4. Ooh good. I like being in at the beginning, even if it isn't really the beginning. And if he's half as talented as you, Alan (and he seems to be, albeit in different ways) it will be fascinating.


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