Monday, May 16, 2011

Spring Interregnums And Dumb Links

INTERREGNUM : The normal order of things is going to be a little disturbed over the next six weeks or so. Tomorrow, the Good Lady Wife (GLW) retires from work and there then follows a round of parties, visits and celebrations.. In June we are away on holiday for three weeks. Until we go on holiday I will try and post something each day - sometimes to News From Nowhere and sometimes to Alan Burnett's Picture Post. I will try to include links between blogs so you will be able to keep up with where I am. The weekly calls for Sepia Saturday posts will not be interrupted.

So here we go with my Early Summer Interregnum (although if you step outside here in Yorkshire, it feels more like a Late Winter Interregnum). Today's post is over on Alan Burnett's Picture Post and if you would like to see it simply click on the over-sized thumb-nail on the left and it should take you over there. Tomorrow's post should be back here on News From Nowhere and there will be a dumb link on Picture Post. I will turn comments off for dumb links so if you want to say anything you will need to visit the Blog that is active for that day. Ah well, it sounded so simple when I thought it up in bed last night!

Crime Scene

It is not often that you find yourself with a picture of a crime in progress, but this particular scan from my old negatives must be one...