Friday, June 27, 2014

Le Tour D' Elland

Having a reputation for fondness for old postcards often works to my advantage as people bring along hidden gems to show me, and let me borrow them so that I can share them with the rest of humanity. Over dinner, the other evening, our good friends Ann and Richard showed me this fascinating old postcard of Elland from Upper Edge, which dates from 1907. The Jaggers in question were Ann's family : an Elland family that stretches back over the generations.

For those interested in change, the road is still there, but it is now bisected by a concrete bi-pass. The houses are also still there - and they have been joined by many more - but the mill has gone. And next weekend, the Tour de France will wind its way through those back streets of Elland. That will be worth walking down Upper Edge to see.


  1. Imagine when the postcode for West Central London was just WC.

  2. I wonder why there are no visible power lines strung between the poles.

  3. Fantastic postcard, such a wonderful scene, it made me think of Lowry.

  4. Great post card - an opportunity for a 'then & now' comparison if ever there was.

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  6. Interesting postcard...I enjoyed seeing it:)

  7. Wonderful old post card -- though I admit to being a tad disappointed. I read your title as a tour of ELFland and was expecting a shot of whimsy from you, Alan.

  8. Anonymous6:22 PM

    The TDF will be winding its way round the streets here, too. Can't wait.


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