Monday, July 07, 2014

A Digital Message In A Brass Bottle

Back in January 1911 I featured a postcard from Great Uncle Fowler's collection which showed the Skipton Mission Brass Band some hundred years ago. One of the best things about blogging and the internet is the way you can cast a message in a digital bottle into the world's oceans and it will bob around for a year or two and then be found by someone else who will add something to the original concept. In this case, the post was found by Adrian Lowes, the Musical Director of the current band (which is now known as Skipton Brass). The band had attempted to recreate the old photograph with the current band members and they had sent me a copy of the new photograph. And so the digital message in a bottle came bobbing up and down the Leeds Liverpool Canal (and, if you want to be exact, up the Calder and Hebble Navigation) and landed at my door. That is well worth a rousing fanfare .... thank you Adrian.


  1. Excellent, on so many levels.

  2. So cool...and maybe in another hundred years, just saying...who knows!

  3. I bet some of today's band are descendants of those in the first picture.
    Brilliant result!

  4. Wow! That is a wonderful photo pair. It interesting to see that the brass instruments remain the same, but that the military style uniforms are gone and of course women musicians are now included.

    But I am most impressed, Alan, that you've been blogging for 113 years! That's real dedication.

  5. What a contrast! Not one smile in the top picture but losts in the bottom one.


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