Sunday, July 12, 2015

That's What Makes Life Interesting

Things are a little disorganised at the moment and my posts have consequently been a little haphazard. But I don't want you to think I have deserted you and therefore I thought I should try and find time to send you a quick postcard. The postcard comes from the village of Mumbles near Swansea, but that doesn't mean I have been to Wales. The postcard was sent in 1903, but that doesn't mean that it has been lost in the post. As you can see, it was sent to Rouen in France, but that doesn't mean I have emigrated. Few things mean anything - and that is what makes life interesting.


  1. Ah yes, Mumbles. I was at school with a girl from Mumbles. In the olden days before antihistamines got more efficient, and before my hay fever got less horrific (age does this) her parents kindly took us out for a picnic one beautiful summer's day. And they chose a wonderful field full of flowering grasses. I was too shy to object and consequently came down with one of the worst hay fever attacks in history. I got better as soon as I was back in a building but apparently friend's mother was totally traumatised and has never forgotten how she nearly killed me! Possibly because of this they never invited me to stay, so I've not been to Mumbles. I expect it's quite nice.

    1. Georgina, what a perfect example of blogposts as snowballs rolling down a hillside gathering fascinating information and bits and pieces of memories. And thanks to comments such as yours you end up with something far more substantial than you started off with.

    2. I wouldn't be commenting if it weren't for your kind assurance that yes, I really could write a blog. You were correct of course but my intention to write about trees got hijacked by crisps! Not what I was expecting. More snowballs I suppose.
      I can still see that grassy field when I think back (not very often).

    3. Not that it means anything, but there's a strange irony that the people of Mumbles should be watched over by the Lord of Oystermouth castle. In the Chesapeake area of Virginia where I come from, which is noted for both its shellfish and mumblers, it would be pronounced as Errr-stir-muth.

    4. Err-stir-muth? I think I'd say Oy-ster-mouth. Of course Mumbles is in Wales so no doubt the Welsh would have yet another pronounciation.
      I don't eat shellfish but have long wanted to visit Chesapeake Bay simply because it looks good on the map.

  2. Um, Alan, isn't the address on this postcard a bit odd? Aux Hanches means with hips doesn't it?


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