Thursday, February 25, 2016

Carpets, Caramels And Casualties

A photograph taken back in nineteen seventy something of the view over Halifax from Southowram Bank. Looking back at the photograph from the perspective of forty years I realise that it encompasses a career history of the Burnett family. At one time I worked at the carpet mill in the foreground of the picture.  My father spent much of his working life at the toffee mill complex at the centre of the picture, And my wife spent years working at the hospital which, if you scraped away the mist, you would be able to see in the background of the photograph. A family career - carpets, caramels and casualties.


  1. That road with hill is a lovely visual, but must have caused the city fathers maintenance misery.

  2. A breathtaking photo, Alan. The undulating brick lane compressed into a pair of depressions by decades, if not centuries, of wheeled wagons adds a powerful perspective of history too.
    Do toffee mills always have smokestacks?

  3. The black and white emphasize the dismal setting and drudgery of he work.

  4. Everybody worked in the valley. I like the cobblestone street going down into the area. Great photo and good memories I hope.

  5. I love all of the elements in this photo, including the winding road---good memories I suspect...
    How's Lucy?

    1. She keeps driving me to the edge of exhaustion and sanity and then, just as I am about to fall over, she will give me a look, or a smile, or a lick.


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