Friday, April 15, 2016

Lucy In The Sky With John Lennon

Several people have asked for an update on Lucy who has now been with us for ten weeks. And what a ten weeks it has been! Sometimes I feel as though I have aged ten years as my waking hours are constantly interacting with her dashing around the house, kidnapping every sock in sight, clinging to my leg, and mopping up her little accidents. But in addition to the stimulation she provides by just being around and refusing me the opportunity of growing old, I was reminded of her benefits this morning when I checked the record of my daily exercise on my phone. Whilst Lucy arrived at the beginning of February, she was not allowed out into the wide world until the beginning of March which is when you can see the spike in my daily activity. Whenever I moan about the constant cleaning and repetitive throwing of her pet squeaky pig, The Lad - fresh off the cardio-vascular wards - points to the exercise chart. 

The photograph at the head of this post is a rare one of her sitting still. My second image of Lucy was drawn by the grandchildren of good friends of ours when we visited them last week. Thank you, Isla and Gracie, for such a lovely picture - and thank you for making me look so young, slim, and a little like a youthful John Lennon.


  1. Whew..I thought she was in the sky for real, with John and even with April.
    Glad she's healthy, alive and making you stay active! lol....

  2. Always an adventure with a new puppy! Good that she is keeping you walking! :)

  3. I see Lucy is doing her job! Your young friends are a joy.

  4. You better get those kids over more often.

  5. I think I like Lucy a lot!

  6. Your title is a cliff hanger as we tend to think of lost ones in that context. Yes a doggy will keep you moving and it is said to be good for us.


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