Saturday, April 30, 2016

Effie And Agnes Reunited

This is an amalgamation of two separate photographs that were within of batch of unknown old photographs I acquired from somewhere.  The photographs are of a similar age and technique and more than likely they are the outcome of the same visit to a photographers' studio. There is a facial similarity which suggests the two girls are sisters, but that is guesswork on my behalf. To set against all that we don't know, we do know their names because written on the back of each photograph is a dedication.  The girl on the left is Effie ("from Effie with love xxxxx") and the one on the right is Agnes ("With best wishes, Agnes"). As soon as I saw the two postcard prints, I wanted to merge them together, to reunite them. So here they are, after the best part of a century - Effie and Agnes reunited.


  1. Lovely job, Alan :-D

  2. They are quite alike aren't they? But Effie is much fairer than Agnes: she has lighter hair and much lighter eyes (maybe blue as opposed to brown).
    It is a shame when you look at nice portraits like this that you don't get careful photographs of people any longer. Not unless you pay a fortune for special hair and makeup (often a raffle prize until recently).

    Otherwise it's all about the eyes and teeth and the friends or the food and the drinks, oh... and of course the tan. How things have changed in the last 10 years or so. I would so much rather have my photograph taken carefully by this photographer than submit to the modern eyes & teeth snap that social media tells us we need these days.

  3. Georgina makes a good point that such portraits are rare today. When folks got dressed up and had their hair done for the photo... Sisters or not, they share a bygone era, if not the same family.

  4. Wow, Agnes has quite the hairdo!

  5. So much detail lost now, in the age of the "selfie." Seeing this makes me curious about who they might have been. Best to you, Alan.


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