Sunday, February 12, 2017

Stoneground On Aire

These two photographs result from a walk down Bridge Street, Lock Lane and Barnsdale Road in Castleford, West Yorkshire. When that walk took place, I do not know (but, I would guess, some time in the 1950s). Neither do I know who was doing the walking : the two negatives which form the basis of these scans were acquired from a job-lot in a junk shop.

The real clue as to the location is Allinson's Wholewheat Flour Mill which can be clearly seen in the first photograph. The mill is still there today - although now it is called Allinson's Stoneground Flour Mill. Just up the road from the mill - which stands on the side of the River Aire - is the Aire and Calder Navigation and a lock that looks exactly the same as the one in the second photograph.

A combination of powerful scanning and Google searching means that you can retrace the steps someone took more than half a century ago. And you can see history on the move.

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