Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Fading Away


As some people have already commented, the houses in some of these old photographs are as attractive as the people standing around them. This print was badly faded and, originally, the house faded into what was probably a London smog. A little creative Photoshopping brings it back in all its finery.


  1. I have enjoyed the Standing Around series. I also think how nice it would be to stand idly in a room and be dressed by a maid who could make that outfit work. I presume her beau or husband, coming up the walk, stepped into the street to take the photo.

  2. Fabulous outfit the young lady is wearing. And you did very well with the photo reconstruction!

  3. Good work on pulling the roof and gable out of the smog!

  4. That's a very handsome house. Nice gate too,


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