Thursday, August 03, 2017

Small Man, Small House, Big Cap


The man in this photograph seems slightly out of proportion to the cottage he is standing outside. Now it might be that the man is tall, but few of his generation were: disease and diet worked together to prevent mankind getting too big for their collective boots. It is more likely that the cottage was small. You can still occasionally see some of these eighteenth century cottages around and you wonder how on earth people fitted in them. The man is small, the cottage is small, but his cap could keep the rain off one of those colossal stone heads of Easter Island


  1. He seems to be dressed for some kind of outing.
    Perhaps a date or an evening at the pub.
    Love the hat, bet it's wool.

  2. That tweed cap certainly is large. Bet that suit would last about 50 years. It sounds impossible these days but people - men - used to wear clothes inherited from their father or even grandfather because everything was made to last,

  3. Alan, I think you would love these photos.

  4. Before I was born, my parents briefly lived in a house that reminds me of this one. It was known to friends and family as "The Doll House."


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