Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Fire In Halifax #2

Fifty years ago I took a series of photographs of a fire in Halifax. It was just a relatively small fire in one of the mills; none of the photographs actually show the fire itself. It was the fire engines, the hose pipes and, in particular, the watching crowds that fascinated me then, and still do: fifty years down the line. The bee-hive hair styles, the bow-legged man, the housewives with babies and children who go out to watch the goings-on: Halifax folk in a world gone by.


  1. The fashions are fun to see after all these years. Love the fire hose 's' bend leading into the photo.

  2. Everybody loves to watch the firemen at work. The photo is really a classic to show of times gone by. Having a fire hydrant on my property makes me glad as I will be close to the water if I need it.

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