Tuesday, October 09, 2018

A Second Look At Harry Elk

This is Harry Elk. We know that because someone has kindly written his name under his photograph. A date would have been nice, an address would have been better, perhaps even over generous. A quick check of census records results in nobody of that name with a date of birth around the turn of the twentieth century. Whoever he was, Harry was a thoughtful chap who deserves a second look a century later.


  1. Is that a common last name for a person in England. The study of names is a whole study in itself. The Stoneburners and Shoemakers are I guess common. We have a relative from England that was named Lightfoot.

    1. What? I never heard of anyone called Stoneburner and only 1 called Shoemaker... and he was an American. Elk I would suggest is completely unknown in England. What do you think Alan?


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