Thursday, June 14, 2007

Reading With Katie

Last night, my wife and I went along to Halifax Library to hear the novelist Katie Fforde talk about her writing and read from her latest book. We have known Katie, and her husband Desmond, since we were all young, which now seems a very long time ago. Over the years we have kept in touch and we have watched with admiration her increasing success. During my life I have known so many people who have been about to write "the great novel"(and I include myself in this list), but who have never got any further than to jot a few ideas down on the back of an envelope or enter the local short-story writing competition. Therefore I have unlimited admiration for anyone who has the guts, determination and talent to get published and, in the case of Katie, become an enormous success. And success is even sweeter when it sits on the shoulders of someone who is as charming and unpretentious as she is.

After the reading I picked up an entry form to the annual Calderdale Short Story competition, and on the way home I jotted a few ideas down on the back of an envelope. Now all I have to do is to write the story. Alas - as Katie will tell you - that is the difficult part.


  1. Do it, AB, do it! I have huge faith in you as a writer, and short stories are a lot easier to complete than novels, - being short and that.

    I'm so glad Eminent Sister's talk went well. Did she deign to acknowledge you folks from her distant past with a wave of her famous hand?

  2. Yes, it went well. And not only did Katie acknowledge us, she acknowledged you as well. On being asked a question about whether writing was in the family she explained how she had a novelist for a sister. A very ernest lady on the front row immediately asked for details of your name and book. So, if Halifax Library hasn't already got a copy of APFC, no foubt they will be ordering one soon.

  3. Hurrah for Katie!

    I can't claim to have known her since I was young, but I can attest to the support and encouragement she has given me and so many others.

  4. She's not bad as a sister, either. Should I feel guilty about posting a link to this on RomNa?

  5. What Jane said! She even gave me a puff comment for my first novel. And sent me flowers when I broke my ankle. She's a star.


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