Friday, November 02, 2007

New Study Shows Beer Is Good For You

Following hot on the tail of a series of news items showing that everything from bacon sarnies through to smiling are potentially bad for you, I can exclusively reveal the first results of a new scientific study which clearly shows that beer is good for you.

Following a "funny turn" a few weeks ago the doctor decided I had high blood pressure. Every time my blood pressure was taken in the surgery it was high, whenever I took it at home it was low. Attempts to suggest that my raised blood pressure might have resulted from a swift walk up the steep hill to the surgery and/or a perfectly reasonable fear of doctors was met with scorn. To settle the matter I was yesterday fitted with a 24 hour blood pressure monitor. The results of this test are now available and they make interesting reading.

In the first place they show that I have the blood pressure of a man half my age and twice my fitness. This comes as no surprise and is a clear vindication of the point I have been trying to make over recent weeks. Knowing that the overall results would be as they were, I decided to undertake a little sub-test. The machine took my blood pressure every 30 minutes. At 10.30 this morning when it was taken I was in the middle of a hour-long strenuous walk with Amy the dog. At 1.30 this afternoon when it was taken I was sat in the Richard Oastler in Brighouse enjoying a pint of Hook Norton Hooky Gold.

When the monitor was eventually taken off and the results fed into a computer I specifically noted the 10.30 and 1.30 readings. The results show quite clearly that my blood pressure was considerably lower when drinking the pint of Hooky Gold compared with when I was running up the hill with the dog.

Now according to the latest NHS Blood Pressure advice sheet - and I quote -
"Nowadays, doctors think that keeping your blood pressure as low as possible can help prevent further strokes, even if it has never been high in the past".

Need I say any more? Cheers.

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  1. So the surgery's (high) readings were wrong, as seemed likely from all your reports?...

    Well, OK maybe not wrong at that moment, something had reaised your pressure... such as somebody claiming your BP was high when your machine said it wasn't....


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