Thursday, January 24, 2008

Still Sober After All These Months

It is now over six months since I embarked on my lonely odyssey to visit, record - and of course, drink at - as many traditional British pubs as I could still find. Conscious of the fact that in an age of smoking bans and cheap supermarket booze, pubs were vanishing faster than Gordon Brown's supporters, I was determined to get around as many as possible before the only choices left were plastic play-pubs and snotty gastro-pubs. Six months on, it is time for an interim report.

The project has changed name and changed objective a good few times during its short lifetime. It started as the "100 P Challenge" (100 pints in 100 different pubs). Soon it morphed into the "100 Px2 Challenge" (100 different pints of beer in 100 different pubs). Then I decided to focus the odyssey on my own county of Yorkshire and it became Great Yorkshire Pubs. Then I got lazy and lost my evangelical fervour. I stopped going out, drank very little, became introspective and grew my toe nails. Sad.

So yesterday I decided to relaunch the project. I dusted down the blog site and set out to blog another Great Yorkshire Pub. I found myself in Bradford so I visited a bar called "Brass". You can get an idea of the place from the photograph above. To find out what I made of it, visit the Great Yorkshire Pubs blogsite.

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