Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Swollen But Not Much Stirred

I managed to get down the hill into Brighouse yesterday. The TV news programmes were still doing the "alarm and disaster" thing with stories about people being evacuated from their homes, but it must have been a different Brighouse they were talking about. There was a bit of mud in one of the car parks but that was about it. The river was swollen but well below its retaining banks. It was all a bit disappointing and reminded me a little of Young Albert who was taken to Blackpool by his parents :

"They didn't think much to the ocean;
The waves, they was fiddlin' and small ;
There was no wrecks... nobody drownded';
Fact, nothing to laugh at, at all.

So, after walking around for a bit and taking a few photographs, I took my stick with its horse's head handle and went looking for a zoo.

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