Friday, January 04, 2008

Could Eunice and Leslie Please Contact Me

I got this new Family Tree software package for Christmas. It is all very swish and organised and allows you to attach images to the various records. Thus, in addition to knowing that your Great Aunt Ruth Annie was born in September 1874, you can gaze into her sepia eyes (or you could if you had a photograph of her). Searching for such a photograph I dipped into one of those old cardboard boxes that are a part of most of our households. I couldn't find anything which could possibly have been Ruth Annie, but I did find two photographs of Eunice and Leslie. I know it is Eunice and Leslie because each photograph is signed on the back. One is dedicated to Peggy and the other to Eddy. My problem is that I haven't the slightest idea who Eunice and Leslie are.

From the cut of their jib they look far too posh for my immediate family. Those round eyeglasses give an almost intellectual appearance to Leslie and you can also tell that he is a man used to wearing a tie. As for Eunice, she looks like someone who is unfamiliar with the daily grind of housework. That suspicious cast to her lower face makes me mindful of a Librarian. The "Peggy" of the dedication is most likely my Aunty Annie (always known as Peggy) and I believe that her husband (Harry) had a brother called Eddy. The picture was taken by the Jerome Company of Manchester, if that helps.

So do me a favour Eunice and Leslie if you are out there. Drop me an e-mail and let me know who you are and how come we know you. I can file you away in the correct data set then.

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