Monday, February 11, 2008

Cambridge In The Spring

Yesterday we visited Cambridge on what was a most delightful Spring day. Set against the sad background of the sudden death of Chrissy's father, Mark and the boys, Issy, Xan and myself set out to visit Tim who, since last October, has been a student at Queens. The sky was the kind of brilliant blue you only get on winter mornings, but the temperature was more in keeping with Spring. Despite the sadness it was a memorable day and one which gave rise to more photographs that I have taken in a long time. There are one or two here - and some of the others I will add to my Daily Photo Blog which - in response to public demand - is open for business again.

The Boys : Looking for all the world like an album cover.

Queen's College : One of the many courtyards we wandered through.

River Cam : After lunch we took a punt down the river - perfect weather.

One of my favourite images of the day - The river has fun with the perfect proportions of King's College.

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