Sunday, February 03, 2008

A Rare Event Captured On Camera

At the end of last year I decided to print my own Christmas cards. This would have the dual advantage of making it appear that I was arty and also saving a considerable amount of money. I could also bulk print the greeting which would save me having to write "with best wishes ... " about 100 times. Deciding that it would be appropriate to have a snowy scene I searched through my image files looking for something suitable. And with the possible exception of a picture of Helsinki Airport and one of a park bench in the crematorium - neither of which are idea Christmas card material - there was nothing. This discovery brought home the reality of climate change more starkly than twenty UN reports. It also resulted in a resolution to change my ways : as soon as even the smallest flake of snow fell in the future I would be there to capture it forever. So yesterday provided an opportunity to record an event which will probably be unknown to my grandchildren as they toast their toes on some tropical beach in Bridlington. Here, for posterity, is what snow looks like.

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