Friday, July 03, 2009

Girl In A Wicker Basket

Where does all the time go? A bit of nice weather, a few days away in Oxford and here we are at Friday again. And for some reason or another, Friday has become Family History Day. Today's picture is a question without an answer. The picture comes from a batch of family photographs I inherited at some stage in my life. It shows three women, one of whom seems to be encased in some type of invalid carriage. I have no idea who the women are - could it be a mother and two daughters? - nor when or where the picture was taken. The contraption the poor invalid girl is in looks like a fairly complex and sophisticated affair, and also looks as though it wasn't a "one-off". Could it be something which was used for sufferers of the great diseases of the inter-war years - TB or polio? What is needed is a kind of photographic Google where you could submit an image and be told what it was. In the absence of such a thing, has anyone any idea what it is, when it is or who it is?

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  1. Yeah, I can identify with this. My parents have numerous photos of people and things that I have no idea of.

    It's a bit weird, in a voyeuristic sort of way. I get the same sensation from social networking sites from time to time... entire lives passing by oblivious to yours.



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