Friday, July 17, 2009

Raisins Amongst The Bran Flakes

I thought I might introduce the occasional photograph which catches my eye in order to provide a bit of variety and to give people a break from my endless sagas : a sporadic raisin amongst the bran flakes. I am starting with this picture of George Bernard Shaw which must have been taken back in the 1930s. Two things are worthy of note. First, I never realised that Shaw was such a tall person : he seems as though he dwarfs those around him physically as well as intellectually. Secondly, I love his hat. I have quite a collection of hats myself - they are very useful in shielding my cochlear implant from the frequent rain of West Yorkshire - but I don't have one quite as splendid as this specimen. I feel a trip to eBay coming on.


  1. I didn't realize he was so tall, either! Yes, the hat is must have one! :)

    I love Raisin Bran!

  2. Great photo--will look forward to other occasional raisins.

  3. With a hat like that you could eat your raisin bran out of it!

  4. I ADORE George Bernard Shaw. I just picked up "A Strange Eventful History" by Michael Holroyd from the library this week. (He also wrote the bio "Bernard Shaw".)

    It's about the lives of Ellen Terry and Henry Irving. Shaw was apparently so besotted by Terry than he couldn't bear to meet her!

    Super photo.


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