Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Joined up planning and flood risks

A picture of Meadow Prospect (MP) - our development house - in case anybody had forgotten it.

However, this post is about its flood risk ratings. We bought MP at the end of 2006, when it had a flood-risk rating of 1 in 1000.

By June 2007 the rating had changed to 1 in 100. As a result, our first set of plans were rejected, causing huge delays.

We've just had a leaflet inviting us to check the re-drawn flooding map. MP now has ZERO flood-risk rating. I guess somebody noticed it (well, the whole close) stood proud in the huge floods of July 2007. Or not, who knows.

Such joined-up planning, whatever next....

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  1. Weve spent about 10 grand so far on our new house and haven't laid a single brick.

    Planners are the bane of our lives.a


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