Thursday, July 09, 2009

Keeping My Nose To The HTML Grindstone

I do intend to continue my rambling at some stage, otherwise I will be stuck forever in the Project Gutenberg Library (there are worse places to be stuck, I'm currently reading S T Snow's riveting chronicle of his 50 years as the accountant of the Revere Copper Co, Boston Mass). But for the moment my endeavours are focused on a more pressing problem : the refurbishment of the Marsden Jazz Festival website. As with all such jobs I have been putting it off for ages but I have now promised to get it completed by the coming weekend and therefore my rambling will be limited over the next couple of days.
The 2009 Festival approaches (9th - 11th October) with, if not the speed of an express train at least the speed of the Jazz Train service we will be running the weekend before the Festival. The 2009 Festival headliners include Georgie Fame, Ian Shaw, Iain Ballamy and the Haggis Horns. But for me, one of the highlights will be hearing that wonderful young vibraphone player, Jim Hart, playing with my good mates Ben Crosland and Rod Mason. If I stick to my task and shun the pleasures of Internet rambling you should be able to see the full Festival line-up in just a couple of days time on the Marsden Jazz Festival website.

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