Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Miscellany : A Turkey, A Cake And A Hearse

A TURKEY : This strange beast has suddenly appeared in the field across the road from us. I assume it is something to do with the Farm Shop up the road. I am a little suspicious : I frequently pass the farm on my walks with Amy and neither of us have ever seen any free range turkeys or geese wandering around (and Amy, who is rather fond of all kinds of poultry, would have noticed). However, there are several very large wooden sheds to the rear of the farm : perhaps free range is a matter of perspective. 

A CAKE : It was the family party to celebrate The Lad's 21st birthday yesterday. A cake had been specially made for him and managed to feature most of the things that are important to him : hokey and ice-holey sticks, stethoscopes and skeletons, and the badge of his beloved Sheffield Wednesday Football Club. Several people commented that the cake must be richer than the club (which is currently on the brink of going into administration) and a convenient space had been left for a "For Sale" sign to be added.

A HEARSE : A cold and frosty morning and as Amy and I walked through the Crematorium on our morning walk we came across a horse-drawn hearse. The steam rising from the black-plumed horses made for a spectacular image. Not a bad way to make a final journey.


  1. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Happy Birthday Alexander!

    Lovely photo of the hearse, Alan - I'd have wondered if it was a "ghost hearse"! Jo

  2. The hearse image is wonderful!

  3. Now that's an interesting photographic miscellany, Alan! Those turkeys are popping up like crazy on this side of the pond this week, given the national holiday this week.

    And guess what? I'm back to posting photos!

  4. Strange things can happen when reading a post. This occurred to me.

    Turkey = Hatched
    Birthday Cake = Matched (Sheffield Wednesday)
    The Hearse = Dispatched

    Must be the cold weather.

  5. Chairman Bill4:39 PM

    Alan: I am suspicious.

    Free Range Turkey & Goose, or Free Range Turkeys & Geese, but not Free Range Turkey and Geese - unless he only has one turkey.

    The mystery deepens.

    Aligned to that (or completely tangential, depending on how warped your mind is), your mystery word today is pyrzoi, which sounds like a Polish dog of sorts.

    What, I wonder, is the connection.


  6. happy birthday to your lad!!

    as with the others i'm also very taken with the horse hearse snap! very lovely.

    as roy said it's turkey-mania on this side of the pond these days and playing on martin's association these turkeys will be rightly being dispatched to dining rooms all over the country for thursday dinner!

  7. Seeing that hearse must have been like going back in time.

  8. Somehow it must have been a very awesome experience. I presume that this is a rare happening. I doubt that it could happen here in TO.

  9. A happy birthday for Alexander, his cake looks wonderful!

    As you may remember, I told of an adventure with my very much alive grandfather and myself as a young girl being given a ride to our hotel in a hearse...

    The ride you have here is rather more majestic and beautiful, a last journey that many deserve and very few receive.

    As it is Turkey day here on Thursday, and I am a vegetarian, I can only wish your West Yorkshire gobbler a long and happy life.

    Have a wonderful week, Alan!

  10. The hearse is fabulous. Nothing so majestic is seen in these parts. I want one like that. But not today, of course.

  11. Only you could get three such different things in one blog post so eloquently! Happy birthday to the young man. And yes, I'll have that stylish hearse when I go. What a splendid sight on a chilly morning.

  12. The hearse is surreal! I think I would have stopped and stared at that...probably frustrating Amy into a tug of war to get me moving.

    I'm not sure I would care to look at a turkey across the road every's hoping it's just a seasonal visit.

    And another big Happy Birthday to your son!

  13. The hearse is a winner for us to see only. I have seen these in movies but they are still using them over there. We have horse drawn ones at Arlington National but no where else. I really love cake!!!!

  14. Oh I like that photo of the horse drawn hearse..what a way to go:)


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