Sunday, February 12, 2012

Quiz : Every Prime Minister Needs A Cup Of Tea

Following the reference to my success in the weekly Pub Quiz, a number of you asked me to post the questions I set for this week. Here they are - my usual apologies for the local ones which may confuse people from far-flung lands such as the USA, Australia, Canada and Lancashire. I will add the answers in the form of a comment to this post in a couple of days time.

1    Which programme topped the British TV ratings every year between 1979 and 1989?   
2    What is graphology the study of?         
3    In terms of food, Mangetout is a type of what?   
4    Who said "every Prime Minister needs a Willie" and who or what was the Willie being referred to?        
5    Who wrote the lyrics to the hit song "Candle in the Wind"?       
6    Foyles in London sells what?    
7    In which 1990 film did Madonna play the part of Breathless Mahoney?   
8    Aylesbury is the administrative capital of which English county?
9    What were the 49ers searching for in California? 
10   Name the five D-Day Normandy invasion beaches - a point for each.     
11   The nursery rhyme “Ring A Ring Of Roses” is often said to commemorate what historical event?        
12   What is the link between boxing champion James Corbett and the country singer Jim Reeves?   
13   What part of the body shares its name with a punctuation mark? 
14   Which football club played at Anfield before Liverpool FC?       
15   In terms of food, what does the abbreviation UHT stand for?    
16   Which media tycoon established the breakaway World Series Cricket organisation in the 1970s?  
17   Which Prime Minister gave his name to a type of tea?   
18   Who played the title role in the 1950s TV comedy “I Love Lucy”? 
19   What colour is the cross on the Swiss flag?       
20   There are six M-classified motorways that pass through Yorkshire – name them.  
21   In what year did the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II take place?     
22   In which city was Charles Dickens born? 
23   Name the last three Managers of the England Football team?      
24   Who won this years' Super Bowl last Monday night?     
25   How many Great Grandchildren does the Queen currently have? 
26   What was the name of the football club owner who was found not guilty of tax evasion this week? 
27   Under what pseudonym were the first stories written by Dickens published?      
28   What is the name of the Archbishop of York who has been subject to criticism this week following his views on gay marriage?   
29   What is the name of Dickens’s final, unfinished, book    
30   Who are the three longest reigning British monarchs? (Point for each, bonus point for the right order)      
31   What song, said to be the most recognised song in the English language, was written by sisters Patty and Mildred Hill in 1893?       
32   What is the trade name of polytetrafluoroethene?          
33   Which American building is said to be the world’s largest office building with 6.5 million sq feet of space?     
34   In terms of volume, which country produces the most wine?     
35   In terms of Roman numerals, what is M+C-L equal to? (Answers in ordinary numbers, bonus for answer in Roman numerals)   
36   With sales of 37.5 million, what is said to be the best selling car of all time?    
37   Minsk is the capital of which country?   
38   Where, in London, are the Royal Botanic Gardens?     
39   Who designed the lions in London’s Trafalgar Square?  
40   Other than Manchester United. Who are the only other three football teams to have won the Premiership title?    
41   What do baseball players call a complete miss of the ball?      
42   Carrots are rich in which vitamin?       
43   Which singer and actress starred in the title role of the 1953 film Calamity Jane?  
44   Donald Neilson was better known as which notorious 1970s murderer?    
45   Which world famous mathematician, born 100 years ago this year,  is the subject of a current petition to grant him a pardon for his conviction for gross indecency?          
46   In which century was the United States last at war with Great Britain?     
47   In mythology what was left in Pandora’s Box after she had released all the evils of the world from it?      
48   In terms of production, which is the most cultivated crop in the world?     
49   What is the name of the scale used to describe wind speed?   
50   What animals are known as caribou in North America?    


  1. Mmmmmm - I can't think of the answer to No. 20....

  2. Wow, that must have taken ages to compile!
    Are you planning on posting the answers?

  3. Well, I hope you'd be on my team in the pub quiz Alan because I wouldn't do too well on my own. Still, reading your post has made me think it's about time for a nice cup of Earl Grey tea.....

  4. This looks good. I'll have to tackle it tonight, though; I have to get ready for work now.

  5. Well done Jenny.
    Lisa B : Yes answers will be added as a comment in a couple of days.

  6. Mmm, some tough ones there....

  7. I wouldn't be of much help to anybody's team on these! They are interesting questions.

  8. Now that is a quiz. I am going to copy it and print it out so I can compare my answers to the real ones! :)

  9. Eeeep! This is going to take some time!!

  10. How funny!! I've just re-read the questions and realised that we walked past Foyles on Saturday!!

  11. That was some quiz..I guessed at many..and did not cheat..I would not survive on your team:(

  12. Here are the answers:

    1 : The Queen’s Speech 2 : Handwriting 3 : Peas 4 : Margaret Thatcher speaking about the then Home Secretary, William Whitelaw 5 : Bernie Taupin 6 : Books 7 : Dick Tracy 8 : Buckinghamshire 9 : Gold 10 : Sword, Juno, Gold, Omaha and Utah
    11 : The Great Plague of 1665. 12 : They were both known as Gentleman Jim 13 : Colon 14 : Everton 15 : Ultra-High Temperature 16 : Kerry Packer 17 : Grey 18 : Lucille Ball 19 : White
    20 : M1, M18, M62, M180, M606, M621
    21 : 1953 (2 June) 22 : Portsmouth 23 : Fabio Capello (2008-2012), Steve McClaren (2006-2007), Sven Goran Eriksson (2001-2006) 24 : New York Giants 25 : 1 (Savannah Phillips) 26 : Milan Mandaric 27 : Boz 28 : John Sentamu 29 : The Mystery Of Edwin Drood 30 : Victoria (63 years), Elizabeth II (60 years), George III (59 years)
    31 : Happy Birthday 32 : Teflon 33 : The Pentagon. 34 : Italy (followed by France and Spain) 35 : M (1,000) + C (100) – L (50) = 1,050 (ML) 36 : Toyota Corolla 37 : Belarus 38 : Kew 39 : Sir Edwin Landseer 40 : Chelsea, Arsenal, Blackburn Rovers
    41 : A strike 42 : Vitamin A 43 : Doris Day 44 : The Black Panther 45 : Alan Turing 46 : 19th Century (War of 1812-1814) 47 : Hope 48 : Sugar cane 49 : Beaufort Scale 50 : Reindeer

  13. Hmm, 26 and quite a few half answers (where there were several parts to the question).. Must try harder!

  14. I got the Plague and Bernie Taupin and Arsenal, so far.


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