Thursday, June 24, 2010

Monumental Landscapes

I am still trying to get back into a routine following last week's holiday. But yesterday routine had to be put on hold. The sun beat down, the weather was as near perfect as it can get. I met my good friends Mark and Chrissy and we went for a delightful walk around the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. These are just a couple of photographs I took. Time was limited and I needed to get home in time to catch the beginning of the England v Slovenia match as I was providing a minute-by-minute text service for the Lad who was doing his final training in anticipation of hitting the hospital wards. 

My camera and I will return to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park at a later date, once my routine has been re-established and once there are no more football matches to watch. And given that the USA won the group - perhaps I should say "once there are no more soccer matches to watch".


  1. Interesting shots, Alan. Giving us a teaser, eh?

    It seems that a lot of the old top teams in World Cup competition are falling apart this year. Maybe a sign that a new generation is moving up?

  2. This sculpture reminds me of our local giant ears of corn, only yours is wonderful!! Our corn is well...corny.

  3. True, Alan. Over here - across the "big water" - Football is an entirely different game. :)

    Have fun watching YOUR football, though! And I loved your photos.

  4. I prefer European football to the American counterpart...thanks for the link to the sculpture park. I hope your son is successful in his adventures in medicine.

    I had two third-year docs in the making at my flat earlier this week for a chat and a home visit. They come to learn a bit about how patients with disabilities live and see them in their own environs...I only hope that dispels myths and ignorance.

    How was the match?

  5. Oh, ho! Soccer!

    Checked out the YSP website... I wouldn't mind going there if I'm ever on that side of the Atlantic (you know, the "football" side).

  6. Hmm oh to be in England, your weather looks totally gorgeous at the moment. Looking forward to more pics. Routine is overrated, mine's all over the place these days.

  7. Even when you're retired there's not enough time for everything...YS Park is a great place to wander with a camera. And in that weather - superb!

  8. Anonymous9:22 AM

    What absolutely gorgeous weather and I look forward to seeing more of the sculpture park.


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