Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sepia Saturday 29 : Glad And Alb And The Wedding Tree

It would have been my fathers' birthday yesterday : had he lived he would have been 99. In a couple of weeks time it would have been my mothers' birthday and she too would have entered her 100th year. They both lived well into their 90s and had a long and happy life. For the centenary of their birth next year I think I might put together a short book of photographs and memories : something to hand down to future generations. But let me mark the start of this their centenary year by featuring this Sepia Saturday photograph of their wedding day in 1935. Amongst the guests featured in the photograph you will spot names which have already become familiar to readers of my Saturday posts : there is Auntie Miriam alongside Uncle Harry, there is Auntie Amy and there is my grandfather, Albert. I will try and put them in some kind of genealogical context with this "wedding tree". Happy birthdays Glad and Alb.

Sepia Saturday brings together bloggers from around the world, using old photographs to tell stories and share memories. You can access the other posts by going to the Sepia Saturday Blog.


  1. And a right nice tribute it is, sir :) Happy birthday to them both!

    I like the flow-chart here( Mum's old baby books didna allow a space for pictures ). Gives me some ideas to work with...

    I'm hopin' to get back in th' Sepia loop by week next ( I need a bit more info and work is keeping me busy. )

    Happy week-end to you, Alan :)

  2. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Good Day Alan, Thank you for sharing this magnificent photo. The clothing and flowers are a treat for my eyes. I like your idea for your parents' 100th year.

  3. Very interesting, Alan! I note that your mother was the daughter of an Albert and also married an Albert. That happened a lot in in earlier times here in the US, and I can think of some examples of that happening even now. And remember my post on the Mumford gravestones and the Thomas in every generation who always married an Abigail? I wonder if anybody's done a study on that?

    I'm looking forward to hearing more about your centenary book, and maybe seeing some of the content here.

  4. I loved seeing the family tree, Alan.
    Wedding photos are fun to view, aren't they? There always seems to be so much going on in them with the styles and smiles (or in some cases, lack thereof). Your mum and dad would be proud that you'll be perpetuating the family history.


    P.S. I seem to have made a blunder with my post today, but some astute visitors picked up on it for me.

  5. A wonderful post of a very happy time, and a happy birthday to Glad and Alb!

    I love your idea of creating something special about them to hand down.

    A lovely weekend to you!

  6. Alan you have done such a good job of leading us all through this project. I am so envious of the family tree you are constructing along with these stories! I always love reading your posts! I don't get to participate every week, but when I do I learn so much. Early this morning, I actually found a postcard from Bognor Regis in West Sussex among the WWII photos that belonged to my dad. Finally, a clue! I have been looking for evidence of places he visited or lived while stationed in England. I have you and this project to thank.
    Also, this is the year that my father would have turned 99, but not unitl December.
    I do have a post for today!

  7. I just wish people were still called Glad and Alb. 'Glad and Alb are coming round later for tea,' is something I would so love to say.

  8. The flower bouquets are gorgeous!! The Sepia photos are a delight to see, but I would have loved to see this in color. What a wonderful image! Young and lasting love...heartwarming.

  9. Oh that is very special..I like the tree pictograph too; a good idea for the future, here's to them and you for doing that!

  10. Alan,
    The rest of the family doesn't look particularly celebratory, but your parents look absolutely radiant and full of joy. What a terrific union.

  11. I'm with Christine on the somber appearance of Miriam and Harry in particular. I suppose people did not smile in formal photos back then. Come to think of it, I can't remember any of my grandparents smiling in that era either.
    But Glad and Alb are wonderfully glowing. I love your mother's tiara. I'm happy that you honor them in their 100th year.

  12. yes,Alan your photo does Glad & Alb Proud.Happy Birthdays Both.
    I hope you are enjoying The Yorkshire Sun this weekend.

  13. I think your idea of putting together a little memorial history for your family is a magnificent one! Hopefully you will have inherited your parents' longevity genes and will be here with gracing the planet with your Alan brand of humour and whimsy for the next fifty years!

  14. Anonymous11:19 PM

    Great photo and your family tree is a super creative idea!
    Busy summer here in Hoosierland.
    :) The Bach

  15. i think the book would be nice...i think that many of the sepia crowd should capture these posts for their future history is such a treasure...happy birthday indeed...

  16. Somehow, I missed this post last week. I'm glad I found it today. It's a wonderful photograph of your parents. Your mom's flowers, tiara, and veil are absolutely beautiful. Both of your parents look quite joyful, but the rest of the group seems so serious. I like the tree you made - and would like to know how you did it.


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