Thursday, September 01, 2011

Went To A Party Down A Red Dirt Road

"So I bought me a ticket 
I caught a plane to Spain 
Went to a party down a red dirt road 
There were lots of pretty people there 
Reading Rolling Stone, reading Vogue".

I must apologise for not being around recently but life has been rather hectic. The Lad is back from Africa and we spent a splendid week with him at home before he went back to University. And now we are about to head off to Spain for the best part of a week to stay with the Spanish Chapter of our family. The picture above shows the roof of their house with the mountains of Andalusia in the background and the smell of the Mediterranean Sea in the air. There will be sun, there will be sea and there will be Sangria : but you know I would be rather sitting here in chilly Yorkshire writing blog-posts. Until I am back next week, let me leave you with the lovely Joni Mitchell singing the above lines.


  1. Oh Yeah, sure you would. Right. Reading blog posts rather than smelling the Mediterranean sea air near the mountains of Andalusia.

    My new T-shirt will read, "My fellow-blogger went to Spain (Alan is his name) and all I got was this lousy Joni Mitchell T-shirt."

    Well, it is a nice song.

    And have fun. I guess.

  2. So sorry to hear you must leave chilly Yorkshire for Spain. I have such fond memories of the beach there as a child that I actually can recall them like yesterday. Have fun!
    And thanks for the Joni Mitchell.

  3. Bon voyage, Alan! You know we expect more stunning photos from this trip.

  4. i'm readying my various posts for the weekend, as this will be a long weekend and will be gone for a little while. didn't want to miss the opportunity to wish you "bon voyage!!", and there will also be greetings in my SS post. no, i don't make fun of you while you'll be gone, not like i did when you went to NYC...

    enjoy and bring back sunny thoughts!!

  5. Have a great break, Alan (raises virtual glass of Sangria).

  6. Have a good time. Just savouring the last week off before the Autumn term here!

  7. I just hope you remember to take the camera. Have a lovely time.

  8. Enjoy the sun and don't get too brown..I enjoyed the Joni Mitchell song. Travel safely:)

  9. The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain...have a lovely holiday, Alan...

  10. Funnily enough, I am currently re-reading 'As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning', so Spain is very much on my mind just now. Have a wonderful week in the sunshine!

  11. My God she's young in this.

    I want to go to California. I still consider it home and always will. Listening to Joni sing reminds me of the things I miss.

    Have a super fantastic time in Spain. I found the weather in Spain to be very similar to CA. They're in the same isotherm. :)

  12. Our local pbs has been showing adventures, visits, to Spain. You are having a great time. I really like the tile roof photo.

  13. Goota try a visit to spain. My dram is Malaga in the late fall. Have fun fellow retiree.

  14. ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬
    Viva La Espana!!!!♭ ♮ ♯

  15. Have a wonderful trip! :)


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