Monday, February 02, 2015

A Dozen Dollops Of History : 4 - It's Our Ernest Again

My fourth found dollop of history (50 pence from the second hand shop) features a 1908 vintage postcard of Pimpernel Cross and Church.

Here we have another card addressed to Mr Saunders of Taunton (see Dollop No. 3). The handwriting is difficult to interpret in places, but based on the existing evidence I think we can conclude that it is the same Ernest Saunders of Kingston St Mary, a few miles north of Taunton in Somerset. I tried another search for Captain Saunders (at least we know he was a Captain in the Somerset Light Infantry by the following Christmas) but it turns out that, according to Google, the acknowledged expert in the field is the chap that writes the News From Nowhere Blog.

It is another Christmas card, this time from someone whose name defies even my powers of interpretation, but I think we can conclude that the daughter referred to in the last card is the same Dorothy mentioned in this card. By now I feel that I know Ernest quite well - in my own sweet if rather eccentric way I refer to him as "our Ernest" - but just how his collection of old postcards migrated from rural Somerset to an Antique Centre in Mytholmroyd, is still beyond me. Perhaps amongst the remaining eight cards I will discover another addressed to our Ernest (I purposely haven't peeped ahead to see what else is there, at my age I need all the excitement I can get) so who knows what awaits us in the next dollop around the corner.

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  1. I love old postcards and letters -- perhaps the sender is W.H. Toring?


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