Saturday, July 23, 2016

Сообщение для русских читателей

Мои дорогие друзья,
Я надеюсь, вы не против, что я пишу, как это, но что-то довольно странно, что происходит в последнее время. Хотя мой блог был пыхтит за последние десять лет, привлекая немного интереса здесь и немного меньше есть, количество посещений каждый день оставалась довольно постоянной. Он не поставил ни одного звон колоколов, не выпустили ни одного ракеты в небо, равно как и не беспокоили какие-либо из своих читателей, заставляя их думать слишком много. Это мягкий блог, который вы могли бы сказать, почти был разработан, чтобы быть проигнорировано.

А потом вдруг, пару месяцев назад, ситуация начала меняться. Число посещений страниц подскочила, количество обращений в два раза и удвоить и снова удвоены. Я получаю больше хитов страниц в день, чем я обычно удается через месяц. Многое, как я хотел бы заявить, что это просто потому, что мои таланты как автор прекрасной и совершенно скульптурные прозы, наконец, был признан, материал я оказываясь в течение последних нескольких недель является самостоятельной же тургесцентной мусор я месили в течение многих лет.

При дальнейшем исследовании я обнаружил, что подавляющее большинство моих новых читателей в России, которая является еще более любопытна я ни писать на русском языке (этот кусок, который был произведен с помощью лучших услуг деньги машинного перевода не может купить, это исключение) и я не пишу о России.

Возможно, один из пяти тысяч или около того русских, которые будут посещать мой блог сегодня может сэкономить минуту или две, дайте мне знать, что привлекает их так много. Я был бы очарован, чтобы знать. В то же время я могу отправить вам мои самые теплые пожелания. Я поднимаю стакан водки, чтобы цементировать теплую солидарность, которая существует между людьми из News From Nowhere Дневник и всего русского народа.

Братски ваш,

(My dear friends,

I hope you don’t mind me writing like this, but something rather odd has been happening recently. Whilst my blog has been chugging along for the last ten years, attracting a bit of interest here and a bit less there, the number of visits each day has remained rather constant. It has set no bells ringing, fired no rockets into the sky, nor has it disturbed any of its readers by making them think too much. It is a gentle blog which you might almost say has been designed to be ignored.

And then all of a sudden, a couple of months ago, things started to change. The number of page visits shot up, the number of hits doubled and redoubled and redoubled again. I have been getting more page hits in a day than I normally manage in a month. Much as I would like to claim that this is simply because my talents as a writer of fine and perfectly sculptured prose has finally been recognised, the stuff I have been turning out for the last few weeks is the self-same turgid rubbish I have churned out for years.

On further investigation I have discovered that the vast majority of my new readers are based in Russia which is even more curious for I neither write in Russian (this piece, which has been produced by the finest machine translation service money can’t buy, is the exception) nor do I write about Russia. 

Perhaps one of the five thousand or so Russians who will visit my blog today could spare a moment or two to let me know what attracts them so much. I would be fascinated to know. In the meantime may I send you my very warmest wishes. I raise a glass of vodka to cement the warm solidarity that exists between the people from the News From Nowhere Blog and the entire Russian people.

Fraternally yours,

Alan Burnett)


  1. Strange that I should read this having just finished a John Le Carré novel!

  2. Well, this is fascinating. I always wonder where and how traffic to my blog posts originates. Hope you get an answer to this latest wrinkle.

  3. I had the same problem, Alan. Astronomical traffic, same commenters. I checked the source of the traffic, which basically was three porn sites. My computer guru said they were up to no good, piggybacking for some nefarious purpose. I changed my Google password to some computer generated, twenty digit monstrosity. It didn't seem to make a difference at first, but within a couple of weeks my traffic was back to "normal", and generated from the usual places, like other blogger's sites. It was as if they were suddenly blocked for not knowing the password.

    1. Hi Joanne, This could well be the explanation. However they never add comments nor links. If it wasn't for the increase in the stats, you wouldn't know they are there. But if I get no proper explanation I will change my password and see if that helps. Thanks, Alan

  4. Your experience caused me to look at the stats for my blog about our boat conversion... some 25,000 page views in all time, but 229 a week or something.. but on the map it's Russia that's dark green representing most views... but why on earth would they want to know about elecric drive narrowboats? Not a sudden recent effect, though... the numbers themselves must be something electronic rather than genuine interest, though... I must look further at what the blog stats may reveal...

  5. Same thing. My sculpturestudiodominica has spasms of multiple hits from Russia. In my innocence I've been crediting them with a passionate love for the nude.

  6. We are getting it too. I found the answer on the blogger help forum. It’s called referer spam and of course does not count real visits to your blog. Just don’t click on the links of the referring URL whatever you do. Article explaining it is here:

  7. Every now and then I get a load of hits from Ukraine.And then they stop again. I was really bothered the first time it happened but I don't think about it any more.
    I think most of my traffic is a person in Mauritius, another in Malta, a couple in New Zealand....and then a load of UK and USA hits. I confess though I get quite excited when there's a hit from somewhere like St Helena or Tristan da Cunha.

  8. For a few months, the country providing the largest audience for my blog was in Belgium. I keep hoping one day a Belgian musicologist or chocolatier will leave a comment.


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