Friday, July 15, 2016

More Negative Thoughts

I know I have been wittering on about negatives quite a lot recently but in these times of political stress and lamentation I am inclines to retreat within myself and find solace in simpler times when things were all black and white with just a few shades of grey in-between to make life interesting.

A couple of old glass plate negatives arrived through the post in a big box yesterday and, once scanned and printed, they have given rise to  considerable debate as to when they might have been taken and on what occasion. If you forget for a moment that these are glass negatives and clearly about 100 years old, you might imagine that the photographs were taken in the sixties or seventies. There is something almost "modern" about the look of the girl. And what is the story behind the somewhat strange dress she is wearing with its' venus motif?

Here are the two, quite similar, scans;

Someone out there might recognise the young woman or perhaps the occasion. If anyone has any answers I would be most interested to hear them. But, as always, I would be equally interested in your guesses and speculations.


  1. I am continually amazed as to how our tech today can take something that old and bring it to life. She looks like she is in costume for a play. It is a dated one just because of the feel of it and the background walls. I have three packs of negatives I have yet to try to breath life into. My negatives are only 40 years old.

  2. They don't look 100 years old as you say. Is she dressed for a festival of rome kind?


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