Monday, March 07, 2011

Back Down By The Italian Gardens

As we walked down the steep path, turned a corner and spotted the Italian Gardens through the trees I knew that nothing had changed. Maybe the group that stood near the pond had grown old and departed, but the couple on the bench had merely moved to a bench higher up the hill. Council cut-back had meant that the flower beds had been replaced by utilitarian grass, but otherwise this strange hidden grotto was almost unchanged. Luckily I had a local guide, otherwise I would have never found it, hidden away as it is half way up a cliff side. Mercury still reigns supreme : he's hardly moved in ninety years, which given the icy winds that blow straight in from the North Sea, is quite an achievement.

Scarborough, these days, is Pension Town, and wherever you go you see old people slowly walking along half-forgotten promenades being buffeted by a prevailing wind which last saw land-fall in Scandinavia or the Baltic States. But these are hardy folk, Yorkshire folk who refuse to die until their money is spent. My Auntie Amy used to live not half a mile from where the Italian Gardens are situated. She married a widow-man who owned a little flat, near enough to the sea to hear the seagulls scream. She was 82 when she married, he was ten years older. They enjoyed a good eight years together before he finally died. If you can stand up against that North Sea wind you can stand up against most things. As I say, hardy folk.


  1. beautiful. :-)

    thank you for sharing this, its a wonderful start to my otherwise dreary Monday.

    keep up the good work.


  2. Southport was much the same. The pensioners would sun themselves along the seats on Lord St, with ambulances cruising up and down to pick them up as they fell of their perches. Some could be there for days before anyone realised they'd died - it being assumed they were asleep.

  3. CB : What is it about the British seaside resort which gives it such a magnetic attraction for those on their final lap in the race of life.

  4. That's fantastic that it hasn't been changed at all, and that it's been kept in good condition as well.

  5. perhaps a bit less lush but probably due to the time of year...very cool alan...

  6. It isn't just Skeggy that's bracing! Walk anywhere up that eastern coast and you need molten lava running through your arteries.

  7. Wow! It has barely changed at all!

    And what a cute little story of the 82 year old bride! :)

  8. It looks as if the gardens are every bit as beautiful as before - and it's not even spring.
    I know what you mean about the North Sea wind...blew my skirt up over my head once.

  9. I just love Scarborough it's looking tired in a few places but that's the attraction too.

  10. At 82 I doubt I will be looking for a husband that is ten years older than me..your Aunt must have been quite a gal.
    I loved the then and now photos of the gardens..well done. :)


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