Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The First Of Many Journeys

A car stands outside a back street shop. This is such an unusual sight that a crowd gathers and everyone is keen to be included in the photograph. This is a moment that will be remembered a long time; the day a car came to Halifax, or was it Elland, or maybe Brighouse.

A boy sits in the car radiating excitement. A girl sits alongside him, confident in the fact that this will be the first of many such journeys.

Once again, thanks to Rock Tavern Jack for the load of this old photograph.


  1. I had a photo of my grandfather in a car like the one shown - he had the first car in Southport and was proud as punch of it. Lost the photo when it somehow managed to find its way into the ex wife's photo portfolio and was subsequently lost by No.2 Daughter (along with many more) in a rushed house move.

  2. ...or should that be 'proud as Punch'?

  3. So many neat things going on in the picture. The 'car' seems to be loaded down with produce, more like a truck. The mand standing seems to be holding maybe an eel? The battery is on the running board. Seems to be a holiday for the King and Queen, if that is their picture amongest the banners. Does anyone know what the picture is?
    Wonderful picture. My guess King George V and Queen.

  4. A wonderful photo but there's something fishy about the stuff in the back seat. Perhaps a special delivery to the local fish and chip shop?

  5. Battery on the running board.


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