Monday, August 29, 2016

Here Are The Football Results : Questions 4, Answers 2

There is such a story behind this photograph, bought for a few pence in a second hand shop. There is such a story behind this odd collection of individuals that together make up a football team. Thanks to a stray pen we know a couple of answers: that is Ray, second from the left of the back row, and that is Bert, the tall one in the middle of that row. 

But the questions have a clear lead. When? Where? Who are the rest of them? Why are they all smoking cigarettes? This wonderful collection of sporting individuals is a million miles from the carbon-fibre professionals of the modern game, but they seem to have enjoyed the game they have just played. And that makes them winners.


  1. Apparently Socrates, the Brazilian player, was heavy smoker, along with a number of star names. This bunch look as though they've been on the wrong end of some heavy tackles!

  2. Totally off-topic here, but I like the beard!

  3. Teeth extracted painlessly for 1/-. Good grief, I paid £135 about five years ago.


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