Monday, August 15, 2016

The Where And The When

RAJAR PURCHASE No. 2 : Derwentwater, September 1933

All praise to those scribblers so bold,
Whose story lives on to be told,
Because with pencil and pen,
They told the where and the when,
On the back of those photos so old.


  1. Having half my blood line coming from your land, I didn't inherit in anyway knowledge of the Derwentwater. I looked it up and found out so many things including a Lake with the name. I can even book a hotel room at the Derwentwater. I have in my tree branches Abernathy, Turner and even Lightfoot. I am not sure if Brown comes from the big island. I need to look it up on the net. I really like the photo and its mystery of passengers on the ship.

  2. Yes . It is a bonus when people write on the back of photos. Stayed in Keswick a few years ago. Lovely area.


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