Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Cobbles And Clotheslines


Another of my photographs from fifty years ago. This was one of the many streets that climbed the hill to Claremount, Halifax. Streets of cobbles and clotheslines.

Many of the tightly packed streets that climbed up New Bank were swept away when Burdock Way carved its way through Halifax. The houses had no gardens - a back yard was the most you could hope for. When it came to drying the washing, lines were spread across the streets. Few vehicles attempted such gradients - those that did, had to dodge the clotheslines.


  1. I well remember these streets; so steep that it was hard work working down them. My school was at the top of one of the neighboring streets, I climbed up it and ran down it everyday. The little corner shop sold liquorice sticks and aniseed balls for a halfpenny and oxo cubes at a farthing.

    They say these houses were "Jerry Built", but no worse that today's impersonal apartment blocks.

    Thank goodness, my brother recorded them for prosperity.


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