Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Lava Flows And Burdock

It is difficult to appreciate the scale of the construction of Burdock Way in Halifax from a modern perspective: new buildings have taken root, trees have filled the empty spaces, the highway has "bedded-in" to the local scenery. I must have taken this photograph in 1970, when construction had just started, and you almost get the feeling of a great river of molten lava flowing down from Beacon Hill had destroying everything in its course. This is not an "old man complaining about change" post, however: I think Burdock Way was a brave and a forward-thinking project, which still has elements of structural beauty about it. Nevertheless, it is interesting to let your eye wander around the image, catching sight of that which was, but is no more.

Looking at this photograph I took 50 years ago, it almost looks as if a river of molten lava has flowed down Beacon Hill and through Halifax. That was Burdock Way in the making.

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  1. Amazing photo, Alan. I was in Halifax recently and happen to be posting a pic of Burdock Way tomorrow. It does look very much a part of the scene now.


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