Thursday, April 25, 2019


Dean Clough Mills 1971
Slubbing Dyeing = The dyeing of textile fibres prior to spinning
Melange Printing = Printing of textile fibres with bands of colour alternating with unprinted areas


  1. Other than an occasional comment by "mumbai escorts" it seems that I am alone in appreciating these classic images of my home town.

    1. I check in all the time in the hope that there are new items. I'd like to bet there are many others do the same. Keep up the good work p.s I keep trying to add 'people's pages' to my site but nowhere near as good as you did for me

  2. I check in from time to time. Though I am not from England.

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  4. How about Dyed in the Wool? Phrase that has some psychological meaning, somehow that person would be stoic I think.

  5. I too occasionally check in and I too live abroad. However, as a boy I lived within a stone's throw of that very dye works. Just to the left of the mill wall is the Hebble Brook which was the repository of all the brightly coloured poisons spewed out by Fletchers which then made their merry way under North Bridge to the Calder and thence to the North Sea. Just behind the photographer's position in Old Lane was a wide gate through which lorries would tip their loads of winter snow shovelled up from the streets of Halifax town centre.


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