Saturday, February 20, 2021

Looking Back


I've always been rather intrigued by those Victorian gentlemen who used to go around saving lost souls. I have never aspired to provide salvation to that degree, but give me a sad and wanting old photograph, and I will grab the Photoshop Bible and get down to my devotions along with the most pious amongst us.

This tiny old photograph fell from the back of an old photographic album belonging to my Great Uncle, Fowler Beanland. Whether she was a relative, a friend, or a lover, I know not, but she didn't deserve to be lost. Having found her, and smartened her up a little, I present her to posterity. She will now live forever more out in cyberspace, looking back at the world she once knew.

This week, Sepia Saturday reaches the end of the Sepia alphabet. I found this tiny old photograph at the end of an old photographic album. It was so small, it needed the very best zoom lens to restore it to manageable proportions. It thus became a perfect Sepia Saturday post.

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  1. I love old photographs and wonder sometimes who the people in them were. Some I wonder if they lived long or died early, what they did for work, did they travel etc.
    I am glad you have given her life at least in cyber world.

  2. How good you rescued her, she turned out very pretty.

  3. So sad that so many of these old photos never have names and histories. This one at least will always be out there and maybe some day she will be recognised by a long lost relative. Here's hoping.

  4. Whenever I see a portrait of a person, "way back then", I always wonder how their life was, what did they do everyday to get by.......


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