Thursday, March 25, 2010

Theme Thursday : Sign

If ever there was a Thursday Theme that called for a minimum of words and a maximum of images it is this one. So here is a small selection of signs that have appealed to me and my camera over the years.

I spotted this sign in Prague about 18 months ago. It seems to sum up my attitude to beer

Some politicians do seem to have the most unfortunate names. Spotted in Alsace earlier this month.

Taken in St Lucia last month, the sign is strong on prohibitions. Can we assume that bare fronts are allowed?

The old ones are the best ones. I took this in Elland, West Yorkshire 40 or so years ago. 

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  1. Some good signs here Alan. A politician who doesn't hide the fact that he's a bigot is a revelation.

    The Fry's Cocoa is the one closest to my heart though.

  2. Sweeeet. That beer drinker even looks a bit like you!

  3. Martin H : I knew you would like that last one Martin, given your post of the other day.
    Baino : Yes, you are right. I was even thinking of merging my face onto the poster in Paintshop. Might give it a try.

  4. I assume you are the one with the glass in the top sign; bottom one makes me think of Camp Coffee. Remember that?

  5. John : yes that is me with the glass and I have just photoshopped the image to make it even clearer - I will repost it soon. And yes, I remember my parents having a bottle of Camp Coffee - indeed it was the only type of coffee I ever saw before I was well into my teens.

  6. Love the collection....haven't seen those! We need one of the beer drinkers for our game room. My husband feels the same way!

  7. Great collection, Alan! I like the Pilsener Urquell poster, but I also like the cocoa one. Yreah, I noticed the resemblence in the first poster as well. Heh, heh!

  8. Hey, the handsome guy in the Pilsner sign is you, Alan! I love it!

  9. I thought the same, that IS you enjoying that beer!
    Wouldn't you think going into public office you'd have a GOOD feng shui name? Or have the mind to change it so? -J

  10. haha. that politician may want to rethink his

  11. great selection!

    beer signs are generally quite clever! -- funny that you have a beer model doppelganger

  12. I have "adjusted" the Pilsener Urquell sign and I will post it again tomorrow.
    Nanny : If you need one of the beer drinkers, just send for me!
    Jayne H-H : I wonder what would be a good name for a politician.

  13. Anonymous2:26 PM

    I agree with the others, that first sign is perfect for you. If you do the Photoshop, please be sure to post it.

  14. Great photos. I love looking for old advertising signs all over NYC--they can be found tucked away still in the unlikeliest of spots.

    And yes, I too wonder a bit about the bare back prohibition...

  15. Yes, that first one must be you. I went to a beach in Tenerife that had a sign saying:
    No camping
    No driving vehicles
    No accessible beach
    No lifeguard
    No animals
    No information
    No first aid
    No drinking water
    No showers or WC
    Please deposit trash in can

    Trouble is, I wasn't sure what was a lack and what was a prohibition. Either way, it was a joyless little place.

  16. I guess you can have bare feet, too! ha.

  17. Really nice signs! Signs have such an amazing sense of aura to them - can evoke a time or place so vividly in an instant.

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  19. Alan, I love your sign collection. Your adding yourself to the sign is brilliant.

    I miss my photoshop program. Wish I could find an affordable one for Mac.

  20. It does appear, that indeed, bare fronts are acceptable.

  21. Anonymous2:09 AM

    Alan, These are too funny! Thanks for sharing

  22. Pilsener Urquell Rules!Yes! That blokes does look a bit like you!

  23. Mmmm, pure cocoa!

    An excellent selection of signs!

  24. In response to other comments, I think that beer drinker IS you. You should sue for reproduction rights. ;)

    Ah, lawsuits... how definitively American of me.

  25. Great shots. Thanks for sharing


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