Monday, January 13, 2014

Answers, Answers, Answers.

Answers to the January Rock Tavern Quiz. Leave your score as a comment. Best score wins a pint of beer from me at the Rock, but you have to turn up in person to claim it.

1 The word “wiki” which forms part of the name of the internet encyclopaedia Wikipedia means quick or fast in which language?  HAWAIIAN
2  Which director’s films include Nashville, MASH, and Gosforth Park?   ROBERT ALTMAN
3  In what year did Napoleon Bonaparte die? (and for a bonus, where?)  1821 – ST HELENA
4  What is the longest river in North America?   MISSOURI RIVER
5  Wisteria Lane is the central location for which American drama?   DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES
6  The headquarters of which major global company is situated at 1, Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California?   APPLE
7  Lusaka is the capital city of which African country?   ZAMBIA
8  Skye, Mull, Jura and Islay are all part of which island group?   INNER HEBRIDES
9  Vietnam was a former colony of which European country?   FRANCE
10  What are the four railway stations featured on the standard British board of Monopoly?  (Point for each)   FENCHURCH STREET; ST MARYLEBONE; LIVERPOOL STREET; EUSTON.
11  Which of the following isn’t a Mr Man – Mr Chatterbox; Mr Chirpy; Mr Clumsy? MR CHIRPY
12  On which side of the road do they drive in Japan?   LEFT
13  “Oh I could hide ‘ neath the wings / Of a bluebird as she sings, is the opening line of which song?        DAYDREAM BELIEVER by The Monkees
14   Four television programmes originally broadcast in the 1950s have been running continuously since then. What are they?  (A point for each)    PANARAMA (1953);  THE SKY AT NIGHT (1957); FINAL SCORE (1957); BLUE PETER (1958)
15  Who have been the victim of more assassinations, US Presidents or Popes?  POPES 6 - US PRESIDENTS 4
16  What is the highest rank in the British navy?  ADMIRAL OF THE FLEET
17  In which year did Ireland join the European Union?   1973
18   In the sitcom “The Good Life” what was the surname of Jerry and Margo?   LEADBETTER
19   Miss Lemon is the secretary to which fictional detective?    HERCULE POIROT
20   Who is third in line to the British throne?    PRINCE GEORGE
21  According to Google, what were the most Google searches carried out on in 2013 : (a) Royal Baby;  (b) Paul Walker; or (c) iPhone 5?    PAUL WALKER (1);  iPHONE 5 (2); ROYAL BABY (3)
22   In 2013 it was confirmed that Voyager 1 had been the first man-made object to do what?            ENTER INTERSTELLAR SPACE
23   Which of the following didn’t die in 2013 :  (a) Esther Williams – swimmer and actress; (b) George H W Bush – 41st President of the USA; (c) Seamus Heaney – Irish Nobel Winning poet.    GEORGE H W BUSH (STILL ALIVE!)
24  Who won the 2013 Edition of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here in December?  KIAN EGAN
25  Who was the winner of Time Magazine Person of the Year in 2013?   POPE FRANCIS
26  The sacking of which TV personality was listed by the Yorkshire Post as the top Yorkshire news story of 2013?   CHRISTA ACKROYD
27   How many new British TV Channels were introduced in 2013?  Was it 23, 47 or 124?          23
28   Which three teams were relegated from the Premier League in May 2013?  (Point for each)        READING; QUEENS PARK RANGERS; WIGAN ATHLETIC
29   Which politician claimed in 2013 that 20% of British teenagers thought that Winston Churchill was a fictional character whilst 58% thought that Sherlock Holmes was a real character?              MICHAEL GOVE (Later revealed to be entirely spurious statistics carried out by Premier Inns six years ago!)
30   2013 was the first year since when to be made up of four entirely different digits?    1987
31  Which TV presenter is currently Chief Scout?      BEAR GRYLIS
32  Who were the two leaders of the USA and the USSR during  the Cuban Missile Crisis?  (point for each)   JOHN F KENNEDY and NIKITA KRUSCHEV
33  What is the offspring of a male horse and a female donkey called?  A HINNY
34  Where will the next Summer Olympic Games be held?  (point for city, point for country)               RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL
35   Was does baking powder produce when water is added to it, which makes dough rise? CARBON DIOXIDE
36 “Thy choicest gifts in store / On her be pleased to pour” is a line in which well-known song?        GOD SAVE THE QUEEN (verse 3)
37  Who played Mrs Robinson in the 1967 film “The Graduate”?  ANNE BANCROFT
38  Yosemite Falls are in which American state?   CALIFORNIA
39  Which element has the atomic number 2?    HELIUM
40  What was the name of the long-running comedy series starring Robert Lindsay and Zoe Wanamaker?    MY FAMILY
41  What goes with liberty and equality in the motto adopted by the French Republic?  FRATERNITY
42   How long is Indianapolis’s most famous motor race?       500 miles
43   What are Lucida, Arial, Tahoma and Verdana examples of?     TYPEFACES (FONTS)
44   How many edges does a cube have?   12
45   Isabella Mary Mayson became better known as which cook?  MRS BEETON
46   What would you be watching if William Webb Ellis is credited with founding it?   RUGBY
47    Dry ice is the name for the frozen, solid form of what?   CARBON DIOXIDE
48   Which plant produces the drug digitalis?       FOXGLOVE
49    Vincent Tan is the owner of which football club?     CARDIFF CITY

50   According to an article in the December 1986 edition of Parasitology Today by the Norwegian scientists Odd Halvorsson, it is likely that a parasitic infection of the respiratory system was responsible for what?         RUDOLPH’S RED NOSE


  1. Think I'll stick to beer.

  2. Probably could do better. 38.

  3. Pretty funny, especially since I didn't know Brit answers, and am thrilled that there were so many questions about America, some of which I knew.

  4. 15 correct bloody poor I would never survive your tournament! That last one was a great question! That was great fun Alan even if I didn't do so well! :)

  5. Good quiz, Alan. 41 scored without cheating. Mike & Lynne XX

  6. Good quiz, Alan. 41 scored without cheating. Mike & Lynne XX

  7. Just as well I haven't won... I don't drink beer!


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